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Curtains- custom Made

Do you have designer fabrics?

Yes! We are stockists for some of the biggest and most well known brands, and we proudly support smaller boutique New Zealand brands.

Do you have a modern net fabric to give me privacy during the day?

Yes, we stock the traditional net fabric as well as the modern version - voiles.

Are there different styles of drapes or do they all look the same?

There are various headings for drapes that produce different looks.

I only want natural materials in my home. Can you help me?

If you are looking for Organic Cottons, Hemp, Unbleached Linen, Water Soluble Dyes, Low Carbon Footprints, etc., then yes, we definitely have the fabrics you are looking for! 

Do you do free measure and quotes?

Yes! We will come to your home and do a measure up and

quote for FREE with No Obligation.

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