Paint - FAQ

Paint Glorious Paint. Your options are endless!

Paint is an amazingly versatile decorating product with endless options and a never ending variety of uses.

We make everything simple and easy for you, helping you choose the right paint for your job.

How do I choose a colour scheme?

Inspiration can come from absolutely anything and anywhere!

Do you like the colour of your bedspread? What about that rose in your neighbours  garden?

We love it when customers bring in items for us to colour match and create a colour palette just for them.

Do you have specific paints for different rooms?

Yes! Certain areas of homes receive more wear and tear, so they need a good enamel paint that can live up to this.

Is there anything I need to know before I start painting?

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation...your finished result depends on it!

If you want a smooth, even wall with no defects in it, then you will need to make sure it's been spot filled, primed and sanded before you start.

Don't stress, we'll help you work out exactly what you need to do, and will tell you how to do it, or do it for you.

Can I paint any surface?

Pretty much yip, but you do need to know what you're painting on top of.

Water based paint doesn't stick well to oil based paint. You need to apply a specific sealer to ensure the paint stays on well and doesn't scratch off.

How do I know if the paint I want to paint over is water or oil based?

Simple! Rub the surface with turps, if the paint comes off, it's oil based.

Rub the surface with methylated spirits and if the paint comes off it's water based.

Oil based paint won't rub off with meths and water based paint won't rub off with turps.

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