Vertical Blinds

What's the difference between a Roller Blind, a Panel Blind and a Vertical Blind?

A Vertical Blind is made with the same materials as Roller and Panel Blinds,

A Roller Blind opens and closes by rolling the fabric up horizontally, a Panel Blind is made up with 2 to 5 panels that hang vertically and slide open and closed.

A Vertical Blind is similar to a Panel Blind but has numerous 'blades' that slide open, closed, tilt to accommodate light levels, can stack to the right, left or centre and all blades are on one track.

Are Vertical blinds very effective at retaining heat?

Yes! Just like all window coverings, if they are measured and installed correctly they will do a great job in keeping heat in and cold out.

Do you do free measure and quotes?

Yes! We will come to your home and do a measure up and quote for FREE with No Obligation

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